Hollywood swank sofa set

Hollywood Swank has proven to be a runaway winner by AICO since it’s introduction. Two discriminating artists Jane Seymour and Michael Amini provide a design collaboration unlike any other in creating this bold collection. This collection is made up of styles that were inspired by the sunset strip.

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Step out onto the red carpet in front of the flashbulbs of paparazzi cameras, and picture yourself in the glamour and drama that is the inspiration for the Hollywood Swank furniture collection. Aico Hollywood Swank brings the influence of movie premieres to life with mirrors, tufted leather accents, and mirrored panels available in two finishes including Platinum, and Polished Stainless, which allows you to choose the right color for every piece for your home- living room, dining room and bedroom.

The quality and attention to detail is masterfully evidenced throughout the living room which features multiple options in color and fabric. The Hollywood Swank Living Room Furniture is to die for. The luxurious color, design and fabric lets you match any living room setting whether formal or casual. Each piece is carefully created and inspected to ensure the high standards of quality for which AICO is known.

Images of the glitter, glitz and glamour of Oscar night bring passion to any room with silhouettes from this collection. Using design elements from the French Regency period this collection is interpreted in sensual colors and textures. Peruse the Hollywood Swank collection and live the dream of elegance from an era of grace and charm.